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Work progresses at its measured pace, on digitising (and updating!) coalfield-scale mapping of the coal-bearing porions of the Nanaimo and Comox sub-basins of Georgia Basin. Fieldwork commenced in 1982, and an initial suite of maps were released by the British Columbia Geological Survey as Open File 1998-7, in 1998. Conclusions there drawn incorporated understandings as of the winter of 1997-98.

The open-file maps are presented at 1:20,000 scale, based upon reconnaissance work at scales of 1:6000 (in the southwestern thrust-belt of the Nanaimo Coalfield, 1:10,000 (in the southeastern portion of the Nanaimo Coalfield), 1:15,840 (in the southern half of the Comox Coalfield), and 1:20000 in other outlying areas. Mapping has continued, generally at scales of 1:5000 (in Nanaimo) and 1:20,000 (in Comox and the intervening Parksville and Alberni areas). Choice of map scale has been constrained by availability of base-maps, which are becoming more difficult to obtain as the Province moves away from detailed photogrammetric work to 'on-the-fly' software-based mapping.
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The sea hissed and bubbled as the dull red glow of lava faded beneath the roiling waves. The Late Triassic skies were layered with grey rain-clouds, in which could occasionally be seen the long wings of pteranodons. As the lava cooled, it took on hues of green, brown, and grey, in irregular beds of oblong masses which to the casual eye resembled crudely-piled watermelons.

Time passed, and the land rose up, to be eroded into craggy hills from which streams tumbled. The air was still and heavy, teeming with flying life. Treed swamps, dotted with islands of palm-trees and stilt-rooted cedars, fringed the shore, providing a welcoming home for herds of browsing dinosaurs.

Cascadia began, in this wild place of growth...


What's coming here? Reading-lists, photographs, maps, passing observations on the science and technology of coal-mining. Perhaps some stories of the underground mines of maritime Cascadia.


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