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2017-01-17 10:12 am

Dilatory in nature, dilational in tectonics

Work progresses at its measured pace, on digitising (and updating!) coalfield-scale mapping of the coal-bearing porions of the Nanaimo and Comox sub-basins of Georgia Basin. Fieldwork commenced in 1982, and an initial suite of maps were released by the British Columbia Geological Survey as Open File 1998-7, in 1998. Conclusions there drawn incorporated understandings as of the winter of 1997-98.

The open-file maps are presented at 1:20,000 scale, based upon reconnaissance work at scales of 1:6000 (in the southwestern thrust-belt of the Nanaimo Coalfield, 1:10,000 (in the southeastern portion of the Nanaimo Coalfield), 1:15,840 (in the southern half of the Comox Coalfield), and 1:20000 in other outlying areas. Mapping has continued, generally at scales of 1:5000 (in Nanaimo) and 1:20,000 (in Comox and the intervening Parksville and Alberni areas). Choice of map scale has been constrained by availability of base-maps, which are becoming more difficult to obtain as the Province moves away from detailed photogrammetric work to 'on-the-fly' software-based mapping.